Top Things To Do Near Golden Temple In Punjab

Amritsar is the holiest city for Sikh pilgrims in India. But at this beautiful attraction in Punjab, people of all religions come to visit. There are many other wonderful places besides the Golden Temple to visit in Amritsar. When you reach Amritsar railway station, you will see two forms of the main city. On the one side of the Amritsar station, the Old City has preserved many historic buildings and sights such as the Golden Temple, and towards in the north of Amritsar a city with a hi-tech facility along with the luxury hotels are settled.

Golden temple

To say, Darbar Sahib also known as the Golden Temple is considered to be the most religious place of the followers of Sikhism, but here a large number of people of every religion go to every year with full faith. The entire Amritsar city is all around the Golden Temple. Amritsar was named after the lake, which was built by Guru Ram Das. The Golden Temple or Gurdwara is situated in the middle of this lake. There are thousands of tourists and visitors coming to the country and thought out the world every day.

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Wagah Border

Wagah, a village situated on the Grand Trunk Road between Amritsar and Lahore city, from where the boundaries of India and Pakistan pass. This fixed location of crossing the border between both countries has been made. The distance from Amritsar to Wagah Border is about 27 km. This border is regularly opened for tourists. A large number of people arrive here to watch out the beating retreat to be here. During this time you can explore many security related events including military parades on Wagah Border.

Durgiana Temple

Durgiana Temple, also known as Laxmi Narayan Temple, was built in the 16th century, but it was given the present form in the 19th century. Durgiana Temple is also called Shitala Mata Temple. Alcohol, Cigarettes or any kind of smoking has been prohibition around this temple. It is a Hindu temple but people of every religion also visit here like the golden temple. The beauty here will sure win your heart.

Jallianwala Bagh

Jallianwala Bagh is best known for a cruel scandal of the British Empire in the battle of freedom in the history of India. This pilgrimage place of revolutionary and sacrificial Indian heroes is situated only a short distance from the golden temple, Amritsar. The British used to launch firing on unarmed people, in which thousands of innocent people lost their lives. Even today, in the memories of those sacrifices is fresh. If you are going to Amritsar, then definitely travel to this historic place.

Gobindgarh fort

Gobindgarh Fort is located in the heart of Amritsar city. This is a historical place, which was built by Maharaj Ranjeet Singh in the 17th century. The fort was named Gobindgarh after the name of Guru Gobind Singh. This fort has been constructed from brick and lime, and about 25 cannons are on its ramparts. It is said that there is an underground tunnel near the bloody door of this fort which goes to Lahore. Gobindgarh Fort is about 2 km distance from the Amritsar Railway Station.

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